CHALLENGE: Get the message out that Bloomberg is open.
CREATIVE TEAM: John Malcolmson, Simon Endres d&ad, Lauren Sheldon design, Andy Hall strategy/copy writing.

CLIENT: Indy Research.
CHALLENGE: A renegade Quant Trading firm, big bite, little bark. 
CREATIVE TEAM: John Malcolmson, Mitch Sonies.
CLIENT: Robin Hood. CHALLENGE: Branding and signage for an investors conference with swagger.
ANSWER: Arena concert meets trading floor:
• Progressive and intelligent Rock (think Thom Yorke)
• Concert poster visual language
• Modern, clean, technological, connected to the real time, real world, vibrating, colorful, not drab
• Design-forward, future forward look and feel
• Visual reference to the target works for Robin Hood branding and the metaphor of being in the center of the financial universe
• Target can be interpreted through animation as a bullseye, a loudspeaker, a pulsing sonar, etc.
Creative Team: John Malcolmson/Bill Oberander/Lily McCullough

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