Hello there! I'm John Malcolmson.

I specialize in revealing the core stories of brands, from startups to industry giants. Delving beyond the "what" to uncover the "why" fuels my passion.

My mission is to craft brand narratives that captivate customers and energize employees.
I'm dedicated to sculpting distinct, intelligent, and lasting brands and communication. At the heart of every business plan, I see an untapped creative opportunity, waiting to capture imaginations.

With a background in design education, I view clients as co-creators; their insights, experiences, and aspirations become the authentic story—ensuring strong differentiation, and a clear sense of purpose.

When I'm not shaping brands, you'll find me on the UWS of New York City, immersed in adventures with my wife and son. From indulging in cultural escapades to cycling the streets and serving up a game of tennis, our family is always on the move! Here’s to the stories that shape us.



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