Hi, I’m John Malcolmson and I’m a kiwi.

Of course that’s not my only skill. I like to solve problems too, and figure out just why a brand is what it is. Knowing the “why” is a big deal. Combine the “why” with a deep dive into audience and the marketplace and you can energize and focus a creative team to produce ground-breaking work. My goal is branding that inspires customers and employees alike. I’m passionate about helping startups build unique, smart, and durable branding and communication systems. I believe every business plan needs a core creative idea/belief, so it communicates on an emotional level.

As a trained graphic designer and educator I’m fascinated by systems thinking, visual langauages and the communication process. I view clients as collaborators, deeply involved in the process, so that all of their knowledge, insight and inspiration becomes part of the story and creative product.

I currently live with my wife and toddler in the UWS, New York City. We’re a family of avid consumers of culture, travelers, tennis players and cyclists! Cheers. 

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